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SDHMR and Hdhmr Furniture Board Manufacturers and Suppliers in India


SDHMR Board HDHMR furniture Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Top & leading SDHMR panels manufacturer and supplier in India

Nowadays, SDHMR , or "Super-Density HDHMR, or & High-Density High Moisture Resistant", is the most prominent board. The Indian Interior Infrastructure community has received high praise for SDHMR 's consistently high quality and exceptional product applications. The Indian interior infrastructure community has accepted SDHMR boards , HDHMR boards broadly in the home and office furniture sectors.

The most dependable material for creating furniture is SDHMR HDHMR. Furniture manufactured with SDHMR HDHMR is highly resilient in harsh weather, whether extremely dry or moist. The best option for creative decorations is SDHMR HDHMR because of its simplicity in routing and engraving. And Ligna is among the best SDHMR panels HDHMR furniture manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Know how SDHMR HDHMR boards are made

Fiber chips and debris from forests are blended to form SDHMR HDHMR through a homogenous construction process. These fibre chips are compressed into a single layer, and the minimal amount of wood material is removed to create a sturdy, more excellent density board. The product's density is higher than that of similar items on the market. By using SDHMR instead of plywood, the Indian interior sector is being revolutionized by its incomparable quality and unlimited application. If you are looking for the best SDHMR boards HDHMR furniture manufacturers and suppliers in India, Ligna is the brand name on which you can count.

Why purchase SDHMR HDHMR boards from Ligna?

  • It has an extremely strong surface.
  • Unique finish: A product with a jointless surface has a distinctive finish.
  • No bubbles are possible when glueing laminates because of the ideal surface. It boosts the brand's worth.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Smooth surface: This can be elegantly polished in a variety of hues.
  • Value for Money: It doesn't have waviness and uses less paint.
  • More durable than plywood.
  • SDHMR boardsHDHMR boards are chemically treated to make them termite and borer resistant.
  • It costs half as much as other materials in the business since it is produced of wood chips, fibre, or peeled trunk.
  • High water resistance: Applicable in climates and environments with high humidity.

Ligna: the leading manufacturer of HDHMR boards SDHMR boards

To put it simply, SDHMR BoardHDHMR board from Ligna is the top option for homemakers, interior designers, and architects who want to have designer interiors and give their homes a premium appearance. In terms of longevity, tensile strength, and availability, it is superior to any plywood offered in India.

Due to their superior performance, these boards have dispelled the widespread misconception that plywood is more durable and long-lasting. At the same time, Ligna offers SDHMR boards at an affordable cost.

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